2016-2017 Staff

Laura Denobrega


Laura Denobrega is a junior at DFHS, and it is her first year taking part in journalism or any kind of writing outside of English class. She doesn’t do much out of school but she has a dog named Louis and he’s cool. Laura is...

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Ryan Saad


Ryan Saad is a freshman at Dobbs Ferry High School who is new to journalism and to this school. He moved here in the middle of the 8th grade school year and has enjoyed it so far. Journalism is something new he’d like to try...

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Isabel Danishmend


Isabel Danishmend is a sophomore who loves to travel. For her, traveling is anything from going into the city to flying halfway across the world. She decided to join Journalism because whenever she travels she always carries journ...

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Abigail Castro


Abigail Castro, a junior who is new to Dobbs Ferry High School, has high hopes for writing in the school newspaper. She feels it is important to find new ways to enhance the quality of school,  She is also interested in voi...

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Jenna Herzog


Jenna Herzog is a freshman at Dobbs Ferry High School and will be taking the journalism course this year. She is very excited to be in high school and to be involved in writing with the newspaper. Jenna has always had an interest in writing and is glad to be a...

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Phoebe Ward


Phoebe Ward, a freshman, is our cartoon editor for the Digital Eagle and oversees cartoon submissions/determines the winners. She would like to promote the idea that anyone can be a cartoonist, regardless of artistic ability. This i...

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Joe Haddad


Joe Haddad is a freshman here at Dobbs Ferry High School.  He likes to ski, swim, bike ride, and play soccer. He likes to go on vacations, and his pet cat is named Sofi. Joe is interested in world politics and plans to share this...

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Maya Donchez


Maya Donchez is a freshmen at Dobbs Ferry High School.  She has always had a love for writing, even at a very young age.  Maya worked on the DF Middle School paper back in 6th and 7th grade and is very excited to start wri...

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Tenia Braithwaite


Tenia Braithwaite is in the twelfth grade and this is her first year taking journalism. Her hobbies include writing, editing, and cheerleading. She looks forward to getting more involved with the students in school and writing...

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Emmy Ducic


Emmy Ducic is new this year to the high school as well as the journalism team. She is excited to write for the newspaper this year. She writes a personal column, which will start by talking about things that students can do to ma...

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Mrs. Lindner


This is Mrs. Lindner’s 18th year here at Dobbs Ferry High School, but her first year teaching journalism. For more than 10 years she served as advisor for The Eagle Echo, the defunct print version of the school’s newspaper. She is thril...

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Zach Blatter


 Zach is a freshman at Dobbs Ferry High School. He absolutely loves to write, which is why he decided to enroll in the journalism class. He plans to write mostly about DFHS sports, but occasionally switch it up with some in...

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