38 and Counting – A Review

Maya Donchez, Staff Writer

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On Friday April 28th, the theatre arts class put on a show titled “38 and Counting,”  which consisted of four one-acts.  A one-act is simply a shorter version of a show, or a play condensed into one act.  This year, the class performed two comedies and two dramas.  The first one-act was called “The Customer is Always Wrong,” and it highlighted the struggles of the workforce in a comedic way.  It featured four lead roles, all teenagers looking for their first job.  The rest of the cast took on the roles of customers, typically over the top and hard to deal with.  After “The Customer is Always Wrong,” the “Tell Tale Heart,” began.  This was the first drama of the night and tells the story of a woman going insane.  The story is suspenseful and intense, leaving the audience with unanswered questions   

The show then moved to the second drama, “Flowers for Algernon.”  The play is based off the best selling book with the same title.  The main character, Charlie, is used in an experiment where a portion of the brain is altered.  He is mentally challenged and longs for a better life.  The cast was made up of mostly seniors with the exception of one sophomore.  Finally, the last one-act was a comedy called “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.”  In this one act, narrators describe ways to avoid a zombie menace by interrupting the other characters’ scenes.  The audience definitely enjoyed this comedy.

Overall, the combination of one-act plays was a success.  The actors had a great time and the audience enjoyed!         

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38 and Counting – A Review