March Horoscopes

Emmy Ducic, Staff Writer

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If you are a Capricorn, you tend to be hardworking, loyal, and stubborn. You often consider yourself more knowledgeable and superior to others, and this month you will have to work on your ego. Your cockiness has been getting you into trouble with friends, family, and in school, and it is time to change that for your sake and the sake of others.



If you are an Aquarius, you tend to be a trendsetter and are seen as innovative and eccentric. Lately you’ve had a lot on your mind and this month will be the time to get it off your chest. Take some risks; speak your mind. It might be scary or awkward but you will feel much better after what needed to be said has been said.



If you are a Pisces, you tend to be sensitive and free. This month will be an emotional one for you. You will go through a pretty rough situation such as a breakup, failing a class, or losing a friend, which will take its toll on you. This will cause you to become short-tempered and impatient, which you rarely are. This month will be tough, but it will all pass soon.



If you are an Aries, you tend to be assertive, brave and impulsive. It’s your birthday month, and being a year older will make you feel confident and superior. Your ego will probably skyrocket, but be careful because your impulsive tendencies could get you into some trouble. Your social life will blossom and you will make many strong friendships. This month will be fun, so make the most of it!


If you are a Taurus you tend to be down to earth and stubborn. This month, you will be extremely productive and creative. You’ll have the motivation to get things done, which will give you a ton of time to hang around friends. With all this time with them, you will run into some social issues. Fights with friends aren’t fun, but after you resolve it, your friendship will only grow stronger.



If you are a Gemini, you tend to be mischievous, talented, and dynamic. This month will focus on change. You will take a risk this month and change-up your usual routine, be it trying out a different sport, making new friends, or even something little like changing your style. Whatever this change may be, it will help build on your personality in a good way. You will have a fun, exciting month, so enjoy!



If you are a Cancer, you tend to be sensitive, practical, and friend-oriented. You are going to go through some rough times with family, friends, or school. It’s not going to be fun, but it will definitely make you stronger. You tend to overthink things and have to understand that these kinds of things pass. Stay strong, because next month, things will take a turn for the better.



If you are a Leo, you tend to be creative, faithful, and dominating. You will be faced with a ton of internal conflict. Life is going pretty well for you at the moment… maybe a little too well. Without anything to worry about, you’ll become a bit paranoid. Overall, however, you will do well academically, socially, and if you play sports, you will watch yourself improve.



If you are a Virgo, you tend to be creative, clever, and successful. This month will be pretty uneventful and kind of depressing. This month is as far as it gets from your birthday, which only contributes to the list of bad things about this month. School, friends, sports and anything else in your daily routine will stay exactly the same as it always has.



If you are a Libra, you tend to be adventurous, indecisive, and lavish. Wow, this month will be a busy one for you. Schoolwork will become overwhelming, and sometimes it will seem like too much to handle. With this stress, you will be extremely productive and all of your work will pay off in the end. It will also give you an excuse to pamper yourself, which is definitely a good thing.



If you are a Scorpio, you tend to be secretive, powerful, and self-reliant. There will be something this month that will make you the happiest you’ve been in a while, whether it be a relationship or a new friendship. You will have an amazing, fun filled month, and you will allow yourself to go a bit crazy, something that you don’t usually do.



If you are a Sagitarius, you tend to be open-minded, loving and sensitive. You will do something creative this month such as start a charity or take part in something involving the arts. Whatever this may be, you will absolutely love it. This new experience will help build character and motivate you to do more of it.

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March Horoscopes